China’s First Human Infection Case With The Monkey B Virus Has Died, According To Reports


In the midst of the increasing concern, a veterinarian based in Beijing who has been confirmed as China’s first case of human Monkey B (BV) infection died, the public media reported.
A month after dissection of two dead monkeys in the early March, Saturday’s state-run Global Times reported that the 53-year-old male veterinarian worked in an institution that investigated non-human primates had early symptoms of nausea and vomiting.
According to the report, the vet sought treatment at several hospitals before passing away on May 27.
It was added that his close contacts are safe for the time being.
It was stated that there had previously been no fatal or even clinically evident BV infections in China, making the vet’s case the first human infection case with BV identified in China.
The veterinarian’s cerebrospinal fluid was collected in April and tested positive for BV, but samples from his close contacts tested negative for the virus.
The virus, discovered in 1932, is an alphaherpesvirus that is enzootic in macaques of the genus Macaca. It can be passed on through direct contact and the exchange of bodily secrets.
The journal speculated that BV in monkeys could pose a risk to occupational workers.
According to the report, it is critical to eliminate BV during the development of specific pathogen-free rhesus colonies and to strengthen surveillance in laboratory macaques and occupational workers in China.

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