How Aussies Can Catch an Early Screening of Space Jam 2 Before Everyone Else


You’ve surely seen that Space Jam: The Movie will be released on July 16th. A New Legacy is all over the place, but there are a few things you might not know about it.

To begin with, the Australian release date is July 15, not July 16, as it is in the United States. (Isn’t it strange? When do we obtain anything for the first time?)

In addition, when July 15 arrives in Australia, it will still be July 14 in the United States. As a result, we’ll be getting our Space Jam fix two days sooner.

But it gets better: a slew of cinemas throughout the country are playing the film well ahead of its official release date, giving you the perfect opportunity to see it first and ruin it for all your friends before they spoil it for you.

And no, we aren’t being paid to direct you to the local movie theater. This is just a little reminder that you’ll be getting Space Jam 2 ahead of everyone you don’t like (and everyone who doesn’t follow BF) (which is everyone we don’t like).

The only catch is that, as is often the case, Covid may wind up driving a truck through your plans, particularly if you reside in Sydney.

From July 8, Event Cinemas, Palace Cinemas, and Hoyts will all be providing advanced screenings. However, residents of Sydney and the surrounding areas will have to wait until July 10 for the current lockdown to expire and theatres to reopen.

If the lockdown is lifted on schedule, you’ll still have the opportunity to see an advanced screening before the general public.


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