Sarah Shahi on Billie’s Finale Choice of Brad


In the last minutes of the finale, ‘Sex/Life’ caught everyone off guard. Sarah Shahi spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY about her reaction to Billie’s decision, why she keeps returning to Brad, and more.

Every Sex/Life fan’s jaw dropped to the floor as Billie returned to Brad in the season finale’s final seconds. She dashes over to Brad’s apartment and knocks on his door. She informs Brad that she isn’t abandoning her family and that this will make “no difference.” But she says three words that reintroduce Brad to the race for Billie’s heart: “Now f**k me.” In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, Sarah Shahi, star of Sex/Life, was asked how she felt about Billie’s momentous decision.

During the show’s press junket, Sarah told HollywoodLife, “My response was really similar to yours only I was feeling a little something down there that I don’t know whether I’m allowed to feel when just reading something.” “As I was reading some of these pages, I got turned on. To say the least, it was stunning. That’s one of the many areas the show excels at. Every episode seems to finish with a shocking twist. It isn’t sensationalism because it is so grounded in what it is. It’s entirely true. I’m looking forward to seeing what occurs. I’m curious as to what happens following the series finale.”

‘Sex/Life’ stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos (Netflix)

After Billie began fantasizing about her past, Brad reappeared in her life. The exes subsequently ran into each other again, and Brad expressed his want to be with Billie once more. Billie and Brad’s romance ended badly in the past, and she later married Cooper and had two children. Sarah revealed why Billie is still attracted to Brad.

“I suppose the way I imagined Brad and Billie and how I would depict her was that she was a junkie. Brad is her narcotic. Sarah described him as “intoxicating.” “He represents adrenaline and the best sex she’s ever had, and all she wants is to eat.” Her appetite… she craves it once more. She’s been a mother and married for so long that I believe she misses the thrill and risk that Brad represented. But, yes, that’s what she thinks she sees. I believe these two characters are in love. I believe they are head over heels in love. That they did have a relationship is also evident in the show, I believe. Nobody else had been able to tear down each other’s walls like they had.”

Sarah Shahi on Billie's Finale Choice of Brad
‘Sex/Life’ stars Sarah Shahi and Mike Vogel (Netflix)

From the beginning, Sarah knew she wanted to play Billie Connelly. “When I initially saw the script, I said to myself, ‘Oh my God, I have to play this role.’ I’ll do whatever it takes to get this job. I’m going to put myself out there. Sarah told HollywoodLife, “I’ll bleed for this job.” “It simply felt like such a responsibility to put her story out there,” says the author. There was a lot about her that I could identify with. But, sure, it was one of those moments when you realize that this type of part in this story doesn’t come around very often.

She is a character whose femininity and sexuality are so charged and prominent in her life that she makes no apologies for it. It’s very great to see anything like that. She has a lot of desires and needs, and she doesn’t want to put them on hold. She aspires to have everything. That’s something I believe we’re told as women over and over again that we can’t do. I just admired the program’s bravery in putting this out there in a manner that no other show has, with graphic sex scenes, incredibly genuine breakdowns on camera, and the ability to say, ‘I love my life, but it’s not enough.'”

There are numerous hot sex scenes throughout the first season. Sarah confessed that she like the fact that the sex scenes in Sex/Life were shot from a female perspective. Sarah explained, “A lot of times, feminine stories and female sex scenes were usually told via the male POVs.” “But today, not only do we have a female showrunner, a slew of female writers, and all-female directors, but we’re flipping the script on its head. It’s as though the camera is lingering just as long on the male body, on the male bodily parts, as it does on mine. It’s critical, in my opinion, to demonstrate that women can succeed in a variety of roles, not only missionary work. It was a significant gesture. It’s not only about sex when it comes to sex. It really conveys the characters’ emotional states, sometimes even more so than the dialogue.” Sex/Life is now available to watch on Netflix.

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